Seattle Walk: Feb 27, 2016


Apache Stronghold is marking the one-year anniversary of their occupation of sacred Oak Flat on Feb. 26-27. Join a short walk (under 5 miles, at a gentle pace) in Seattle to show your support on Sat. Feb. 27, 2016.

Why is this important to Seattlites?

Because we believe in religious freedom. Oak Flat is a sacred Apache site. If you believe religious freedom in America is not just meant for Christians, join us.

Because we honor our indigenous neighbors. Our city is named for Chief Seattle, show your respect by walking to protect the rights of all indigenous people fighting to save Mother Earth.

Because we care about the environment. A lot of people come to the Pacific Northwest because of its natural beauty. Saving Oak Flat is not just about saving one parcel of land, it’s about taking a stand to protect the beauty and balance of nature for future generations.

Details of the walk to follow, stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Seattle Walk: Feb 27, 2016

    • Hi, thanks for tracking this important issue. If you’d like to connect to the Facebook Event for the walk, you can find it here:
      The walk details have been set, Seattle walkers can join at Red Square on the UW Campus, 10AM. The walk will be a little less than 4 miles. Kitsap County walkers can meet on Bainbridge Island, at Ordway School. The walk will go to the ferry, cross the sound, and continue to Westlake Park. Both groups will meet at Westlake Park and rally at 1PM.


  1. I am on your side. It has been a travesty the way the native Americans were treated. I am sorry. Though I did not do it, I feel some responsibility. You have a lovely culture. I have read Chief Seattle’s letter. I love the artwork of NW coast.

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  2. I don’t live in Seattle, but I totally support you! Giving away Oak Flat to a mining company is wrong on so many levels!! I would love to have a walk in Santa Cruz CA!


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