Into the woods

We have been picking up our pace each day with better and better mileage. Last night we stayed at a lovely campsite with showers (!!!). After walking over 20 miles we were so tired, we both headed to bed quite early. 

In the middle of the night, as we were sleeping soundly, an incredibly loud siren went off…needless to say we were very confused and alarmed. It lasted for about a minute, and we were about to jump into our car when the siren stopped. We still don’t know what that was all about but it was sure strange.

Today we head into the forest, which means our internet and cell phone coverage will be limited. You may not hear from us for a few days, but you can rest assured we will keep on walking! 

Oh, and today is my mom’s birthday!! Isn’t she great for spending her special day walkin for an important cause? 

-Emma  Waldo taking his afternoon nap 

   Mt Ranier, we’re coming for you!

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