Let’s stand together


I woke up today to some life changing, wonderful news that the Supreme Court has ruled that same sex couples have the right to marriage. This example of Justice prevailing in the face of large opposition gives me hope for the future of Oak Flat. With a bill in the House and the increasing spread of awareness about Oak Flat, our odds of victory are looking good. But there is a lot of work yet to be done. 

If we want to save this sacred area, we must each take personal responsibility. It’s clear that we have plenty of passion, anger, and motivation. Let’s use that energy to move the Oak Flat issue into a national spotlight. 

HR 2811, the Save Oak Flat Act, is currently sitting in the House Committee on Natural Resources. To move forward it must have a hearing. This committee has a lot of bills to manage, so the Save Oak Flat Act will only get a hearing if there is a groundswell of support from around the country. Let’s make sure our voices are heard. Please take a look at this list of members of the committee. Whether or not your representative is on the list, now is the time to call and email your representive and ask them to co-sponsor and support HR 2811. You can look up who your representive is and their contact information here.

Thank you, and keep on fighting! 



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