The walk… Yesterday we passed the 600 mile mark! Whoo! Those who have been following us may have noticed a bit of a gap between our 500 mile and 600 mile mark. The reason for that was a change in our plans as we discovered how effective sidewalk chalk murals were. Surprisingly, most media outlets were not interested in reporting on a story about a mother-Daughter pair walking cross country. But as soon as we started doing chalk drawings, the media started to notice, and the public did too. We spoke to hundreds of people as we drew our murals and got 3 articles in local newspapers. Our “art blitz” is over for now, but we hope to do some more murals in Arizona.   So, We are back to focusing on walking. As we get closer to Arizona the landscape is becoming incredible! I cannot wait to pass through the national parks in the south of Utah. Our public lands are amazing!   The petition… It’s official: the effort to save Oak Flat has over a MILLION supporters! The Avaaz petition asking Congress to protect Oak Flat has gone viral and the number of signatures continues to grow (see it here).

That’s all for now! 

– Emma   A very sleepy Waldo


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