3 Ways to Rally for Oak Flat from Home

I know there are a lot of people who would like to walk for Oak Flat but there isn’t an event in their area. You can still play an important role in getting the word out and help Apache Stronghold’s efforts to save this sacred space. Here are three things you can do that will help the effort:

  1. Tweet for Oak Flat. On Sat. Feb. 27, let’s kick #SaveOakFlat to the top of the twittersphere. Post and repost tweets the walkers will be generating on the road. New to twitter? You can access it on your home computer as well as your phone, go to twitter.com to learn more and sign up.
  2. Post and Repost. Your help with tweets will make a big difference, and you can do the same with Facebook. Send photos and notes from the walk around the world with your Facebook account.
  3. Have a Home Rally on Feb. 27. Think of it as a Social Justice Superbowl Party! Invite you family and friends to get together, make a pot of chili or do a little BBQ, and honor Oak Flat. It’s a chance to explain the issues to someone who maybe hasn’t heard about it yet, and reaffirm your commitment to protect Mother Earth.


Be part of the team, wherever you are!

3 thoughts on “3 Ways to Rally for Oak Flat from Home

  1. I may be white but, i was taught that family and history are everything. I was also taught that if you make a mistake, you FIX IT and show respect while doing so. #SAVEOAKFLATS is the right thing and shows respect to people we wronged.


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