Shout Out

This weekend, California, Washington, and Hawaii hosed a new groundswell of organized support for Apache Stronghold and the Stronghold’s ongoing strength in leading the movement to save Oak Flat.

Californians rallied in two big cities, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Washington walkers came from Seattle and Bainbridge Island. Hawaiians from the Mauna Kea group also gathered in solidarity. And at the heart of it all, the San Carlos Apache people and their friends.

I want to recognize the people I know of who organized these events. In Los Angeles, Lizzy Montgomery took the lead, asking her community to join her in stepping up for Oak Flat. Sacramento turned up two new leaders, Amelia Garcia and Carissa Nguyen. Pua Case organized the Mauna Kea group in Hawaii. Sisters Rosalie and Emma Bigongiari organized students and speeches in Seattle. A very big thank you to each of you for stepping into the light and leading your cities. I know it was a lot of work, and adding it on top of an already full plate of work and school and family and responsibilities takes a big effort. You did a great job, I am so thankful to know of good people like you who do not stand quietly by.

So thank you Lizzy, Amelia, Carissa, Pua, Rosalie, and Emma. If there are others we can recognize for their long hours organizing behind the scenes, please post gratitude for them here.

And to all who walked, listened, tweeted, posted, and shared this important issue: a very big Thank You to you too.

The word is spreading, and as my friend Sherry has been saying from the start: Together we are stronger.

If you can share photos or videos of the weekend’s events, please share them here via the comments section, or add them to the Walk to Save Oak Flat page on Facebook. I’d love to put together one album with all the best clips so we can all find them easily. Include photo credits if possible. Good pictures give us all material to continue spreading the word via social media.

Here’s a small representation of the many vibrant photos taken at the five events held last weekend:

Many many thanks to all. Together we will save Oak Flat.



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