Whose mortgage are you paying?

Making your mortgage payment every month is a top priority. You pay the bill so that you can own the property you live on, right? Unless you inherited your property from your family, in which case that land is yours outright to do with as you please, right?

Not so if Mountain Valley Pipeline gets their way. The privately owned company is suing 300 American landowners to try to force them to let Mountain Valley put a pipeline on their property.

Whose property?


Virginia Congressional candidates Peter Volosin, Leslie Cockburn, Del. Sam Rasoul, landowner Carolyn Reilly, Flo Ketner, Stephanie Cook, Mike Carter, Ian Reilly at the Reilly’s Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount, VA. Bold Alliance photo

Private citizens in Virginia who own homes and farms were minding their own business when Mountain Valley came along and said they wanted their land for a pipeline project. Landowners who said no, thanks were served with law suits.

Imagine that. You’re working, paying your taxes, taking care of your family, and out of the blue you have to hire a lawyer to keep a gas company from taking your land away from you. Seems impossible, especially in America. But it’s true.

The citizens are fighting back. We need to stand with them, because if this can happen to them, it can happen to any of us. And it is happening, right now, in Virginia.

Read the whole story here:

[1] “Mountain Valley sues landowners to gain pipeline easements and access through eminent domain,” Roanoke Times, 10/27/17.

[2] “Landowners Sue FERC to Stop Eminent Domain for Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines,” BoldAlliance.org, 9/5/17.

Bold Iowa is taking up a collection to help the citizens protect their land, you can give here:

Chip in $25 or whatever you can now to support the landowners suing FERC to stop eminent domain for private gain pipelines

We have to stand together, to protect our rights to own property in America – and our right to have a say in whether fracked gas companies can do anything they please, anywhere they like, any time.


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