Time for Action!

UPDATE 5/18: The Public Comment Period has now been extended to July 18! 

The legal process allowing Resolution Copper to destroy sacred Oak Flat is taking another step forward. It is time to get involved, and every voice matters.

We will help you understand exactly what needs to be done, what it means, and how to participate.

Here’s what’s happening now:

The Forest Service is required to hold a public input period, to gather information so they can write a report, called a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The input period is currently set to end on May 17, so there’s not a lot of time to get our part done.

What kind of comments can we make that will help our cause?

Responding with solid arguments is impactful. (“The value of the underground aquifer that now sits under Oak Flat is far greater than the short-term financial value gained for a few by digging up the copper.”) Responding with emotional but weak arguments is not. (“Resolution Copper are a bunch of mean, selfish jackasses.”)

This is really important!

If you’re ready to write your comment, here’s where you can do so:

How to Submit Comments

Comments on the proposed project can be submitted in a variety of ways:

Attend one of the open house meetings:

  • March 31 – Queen Valley Recreation Hall, 1478 East Queen Valley Drive, Queen Valley, AZ
  • April 4 – Superior High School, 100 Mary Drive, Superior, AZ
  • April 5 – Elks Lodge 1775 East Maple Street, Globe, AZ
  • April 6 – Southwest Regional Library, 775 North Greenfield Road, Gilbert, AZ
  • June 9- Central Arizona College, San Tan Campus, 3736 E Bella Vista Rd, San Tan Valley, AZ

Email written comments to: comments@resolutionmineeis.us (link sends e-mail)

Submit a comment through the website: http://www.resolutionmineeis.us/comments

Leave a voicemail or send fax to 1-866-546-5718

Mail a comment to:
Resolution EIS Comments
PO Box 34468
Phoenix, AZ  85067-4468

Need help with content for your comment? The Arizona Mining Reform Coalition has put together some info to help you, click this link for guidance.

Thanks for your help, it’s time we stand up for Mother Earth.




Shout Out

This weekend, California, Washington, and Hawaii hosed a new groundswell of organized support for Apache Stronghold and the Stronghold’s ongoing strength in leading the movement to save Oak Flat.

Californians rallied in two big cities, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Washington walkers came from Seattle and Bainbridge Island. Hawaiians from the Mauna Kea group also gathered in solidarity. And at the heart of it all, the San Carlos Apache people and their friends.

I want to recognize the people I know of who organized these events. In Los Angeles, Lizzy Montgomery took the lead, asking her community to join her in stepping up for Oak Flat. Sacramento turned up two new leaders, Amelia Garcia and Carissa Nguyen. Pua Case organized the Mauna Kea group in Hawaii. Sisters Rosalie and Emma Bigongiari organized students and speeches in Seattle. A very big thank you to each of you for stepping into the light and leading your cities. I know it was a lot of work, and adding it on top of an already full plate of work and school and family and responsibilities takes a big effort. You did a great job, I am so thankful to know of good people like you who do not stand quietly by.

So thank you Lizzy, Amelia, Carissa, Pua, Rosalie, and Emma. If there are others we can recognize for their long hours organizing behind the scenes, please post gratitude for them here.

And to all who walked, listened, tweeted, posted, and shared this important issue: a very big Thank You to you too.

The word is spreading, and as my friend Sherry has been saying from the start: Together we are stronger.

If you can share photos or videos of the weekend’s events, please share them here via the comments section, or add them to the Walk to Save Oak Flat page on Facebook. I’d love to put together one album with all the best clips so we can all find them easily. Include photo credits if possible. Good pictures give us all material to continue spreading the word via social media.

Here’s a small representation of the many vibrant photos taken at the five events held last weekend:

Many many thanks to all. Together we will save Oak Flat.



Seattle Approves Chalk Murals


Chalk mural in Logan, Utah, Summer 2015

Last summer, Emma and I found that reaching out to the public via chalk murals on the sidewalk was more effective than engaging people on the street. We’re very excited to announce that the City of Seattle’s Parks Department has approved our request to draw an Oak Flat mural at the heart of the city, in Westlake Park.

Westlake is an urban park lined with food trucks that hundreds of shoppers crisscross to reach some of the city’s biggest and busiest retail stores. We’re working on the design for the Seattle drawing, and hoping for clear skies Friday and Saturday so we’ll have dry pavement.

If the weather permits, Seattle walkers will have an opportunity to help with the drawing. Hope for clear skies!


Tips for the Walk

We don’t let the weather get the best of us in Seattle. A little planning and a couple of layers let us enjoy the beautiful land we live in, rain or shine. Here are a few tips for what to wear and what to bring when you walk for Oak Flat:

Layer up, with a waterproof layer on the outside. You’ll warm up when you walk, so a heavy coat will likely be too much. A change of socks is a good idea, in case your feet get wet. Wear comfortable shoes so you don’t get blisters.

Bring a backpack. If you don’t need your waterproof layer, you can carry it in your pack. If the weather is rainy, put a plastic bag inside your pack to keep your things dry. If you are coming with a friend, one pack per two people is plenty, then you can take turns carrying your stuff.

Bring your phone. Especially if you can help tweet and post to instagram or facebook along the way, your phone will be a big help to get our message out.

Bring a water bottle.

Bring a sandwich and a snack.

Bring a few dollars and change for bus fare back to where you started the walk and for coffee or lunch at the end if you like.

Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain. We can walk two to an umbrella, and trust me, it is a most welcome accessory if it rains steadily. Besides, how cool would we all look, walking in the rain with all of our umbrellas?

Bring your good spirits and good heart. We will make a terrific team, and I can’t wait to walk with you.



This weekend hundreds will walk and rally to shine light on the occupation at Oak Flat. Apache Stronghold continues to lead the way as thousands pledge their support.

People around the country, and even the world, denounce Resolution Copper’s selfish attempt to destroy sacred Oak Flat. The understanding and sincerity of Oak Flat supporters is heartening and encouraging.

But we have to be careful that we continue to be mindful of the need to spread the word about Oak Flat to larger audiences. The majority of Americans still have never heard of Oak Flat; it is not yet a commonly understood issue in most households across the country.

Together, we can change that.

This weekend is an opportunity to bring what is happening at Oak Flat to a new group of supporters. There will be lots of new photos to share, new opportunities to tell the story of Oak Flat and Apache Stronghold.

Please help spread the word. Let’s see if together we can get #SaveOakFlat to trend on Twitter.

It seems that what makes a topic trend is, in simple terms, we need

  1. a large group of people who
  2. tweet the same hashtag
  3. frequently and at a steady pace
  4. at the same general time

How do we do that? Digital marketing agency Jungle published a blog post about this, which you can read here. The article’s author, Kaye Naylon wrote:

There are two elements to what makes a ‘Trend’ on Twitter: the number of people tweeting at any one time about the same topic and the time of day.


  • Between 12 (midnight) to 6am: approximately 1200 tweets and about 500 users to be considered a Trend
  • Between 6am to 12pm: 1700 tweets and about 733 users
  • Between 12pm to 6 pm: 1500 tweets and about 812 users
  • Between 6pm to 12am: 1900 tweets and about 922 users

Daily Blogger also offers some intriguing insights here.

In short, a lot of us need to be connecting on the same subject during the same time window to get it to trend. Therefore, I can help the San Carlos walkers just by tweeting about it if they post a new photo, and I make sure the tweet includes the text, #SaveOakFlat.

I can also retweet their tweets to give them more longevity and help the message grow.

walk tweet

The other tip for getting these tweets to fire up is to point them at groups that have their own big audience of like-minded people. For example, if I add @SierraClub to my tweet, the Sierra Club has 184,000 followers on Twitter, and they may then decide to share my message with their whole big group. (The Sierra Club is on our side, and they use social media well.)

Who else might you point tweets toward? Think of any political group, environmental group, church, or social justice group whose members might find this interesting.

Let’s see if we can start a big trend this weekend! If you can read this message, you have the technology! Send a tweet or two this Saturday. It’s a free and easy way to help #SaveOakFlat.



3 Ways to Rally for Oak Flat from Home

I know there are a lot of people who would like to walk for Oak Flat but there isn’t an event in their area. You can still play an important role in getting the word out and help Apache Stronghold’s efforts to save this sacred space. Here are three things you can do that will help the effort:

  1. Tweet for Oak Flat. On Sat. Feb. 27, let’s kick #SaveOakFlat to the top of the twittersphere. Post and repost tweets the walkers will be generating on the road. New to twitter? You can access it on your home computer as well as your phone, go to twitter.com to learn more and sign up.
  2. Post and Repost. Your help with tweets will make a big difference, and you can do the same with Facebook. Send photos and notes from the walk around the world with your Facebook account.
  3. Have a Home Rally on Feb. 27. Think of it as a Social Justice Superbowl Party! Invite you family and friends to get together, make a pot of chili or do a little BBQ, and honor Oak Flat. It’s a chance to explain the issues to someone who maybe hasn’t heard about it yet, and reaffirm your commitment to protect Mother Earth.


Be part of the team, wherever you are!

Sacramento is Walking to Save Oak Flat


Sacramento has joined the fight to save sacred Oak Flat. This the third walk set to take place on Feb. 27 to honor and support the San Carlos Apache walk and occupation of Oak Flat, and the ongoing efforts of Apache Stronghold to save sacred spaces and protect  Mother Earth.

In addition to the original, core walk in Arizona, walks will take place in Seattle, Los Angeles, and now, Sacramento.

The walks, all being organized in grassroots style, show that people across the country not only care about what happens at Oak Flat, but that their conviction is deep, and they are willing to stand up and take action. It shows that many understand the weight of the travesty and consequences of a mine at Oak Flat, and will work hard to stop it.

All supporters are encouraged to walk and show solidarity. Please share the Sacramento event invitation linked here widely. Together we are stronger.