This issue matters to Moms

Sometimes it seems like I am constantly hearing about fights for the environment that have been lost. Animals losing their habitat. Destruction of rainforests. The giant garbage wasteland in the Pacific Ocean. It’s overwhelming. What can I do? It’s all so big, it feels like nothing I can do could possibly make a difference.

That’s why this issue matters to me so much – because in this case the habitat is still there, vibrant and alive, bears and birds and trees and clean water. The Apache historical and sacred sites are still there, the people are living there now. We have a chance to get this one right.

If we don’t get it right – stop foreign miners from walking off with a big chunk of Earth – this will be one more beautiful piece of nature our kids will never see, or their kids. We can save this pristine spot, as was the intention of President Eisenhower forty years ago. So let’s do it.

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