This mine is not sustainable

Resolution Copper and its pro-mining allies claim that this copper mine will be beneficial to the local community by boosting their economy and creating jobs.

What they fail to mention is that these jobs are temporary and finite. Once the copper is gone, any jobs that were created will be gone too. The mine is expected to last for 40 years, so the economic “boost” will not be sustainable; on the contrary, it will only be a temporary fix. Putting a band-aid on the economy is not enough- Superior and the surrounding communities deserve a sustainable solution.

In the past, Superior has already experienced the “boom and bust” effect that mining has on the local economy. When the Magma Mine closed in 1982, the town’s population dropped sharply and local businesses suffered greatly. While the Magma Mine was in operation the economy was booming, but as soon as it closed all that had been gained was quickly lost.

Resolution Copper also claims that we need to mine this area in order to continue the production of modern technologies such as cars and computers. Copper is a valuable resource, but it is running out and it’s time we learn to recycle and reuse what we already have. Environmental analyst Lester Brown estimated in 2008 that the world’s copper reserves might run out within just 25 years. Recycling copper is a worthy investment, as premium grade scrap copper usually has 95% or more of the value of the initial metal from newly mined ore. Globally recycled copper accounts for only about 35% of copper usage; if we could boost that number by investing in recycling, the need for more mines could be eliminated.

This issue is about sustainability. We need sustainable jobs and sustainable lifestyles. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Help us make this vision a reality. 




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