Beating the heat

As temperatures continue to hover at or above 100 degrees each day, we’ve been taking extra precautions to stay cool. My mom and I are both Pacific  Northwest women who thrive in an overcast and rainy environment, so total sun every day is quite a change. 

The most obvious way we keep ourselves safe from heatstroke or exhaustion is by drinking lots and lots of water (shoutout to our camelback!)  As I mentioned before, we’ve also been getting up with or before the sun because by noon it is truly a challenge to keep moving. We also have some cooling vests that we keep in our cooler and wear as we walk. 

Our dog Waldo got a haircut the other day and we keep him hydrated and cool in our car during the day.  

Waldo gets a haircut   
As we continue to walk closer and closer to Oak Flat, I reflect on that area’s importance as not only a spiritual site, but as a sanctuary from Arizona’s  heat. Residents of the near by town of Superior often praise Oak Flat as a place where community members of all kinds can go to escape high temperatures. The bubbling spring in Gaan Canyon is another area that gives relief from the heat. If Resolution Copper has its way, these beloved areas will be no more. In a time when climate change is causing record high temperatures around the globe that are literally killing people, we can’t forget the importance of protecting shady sanctuarys like Oak Flat. 

Gaan Canyon photographed by Elias Butler

Remember to take action by signing this petition and writing to your Congresspeople. As always, thank you for your support.

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