For future generations

We received a very touching video the other day from a good friend of ours. This film is a good reminder that the fight to save Oak Flat isn’t just about those who love that area today; it’s also about protecting the environment for our children and generations to come. Unless we do everything we can to preserve the natural spaces on this planet, the children of the future might never experience what it’s like to camp in the forest, to see wildlife in their natural habitats, or hike in an area untouched by man. Oak Flat is just one of many breathtaking and special places on our planet that deserve to be protected.

This film is also a reminder that we must speak up against this injustice. Let’s follow in this young activist’s footsteps and write to Congress telling them to repeal the legislation that privatized this sacred space. Check out our how you can help page to find a sample letter and an easy resource to look up your senators.

The future is in our hands, and we determine what kind of a future our kids will have. Let’s stop the destruction of Oak Flat, not just for us, but for them.

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