Food on the road

Hey folks!

The heat wave seems to be passing as temperatures get a bit cooler each day. It’s pretty incredible how much easier it is to walk in 90 degrees than in 100 degrees. We’re getting excited because we’ll be crossing into Oregon in just a few days! 

I thought I’d take a moment to talk about a pretty basic aspect of life on the road: the food. I am vegan (I don’t eat animal products) and a few people have asked me “but Emma, what in the world do you eat?” Well, it’s not as hard as you may think. We eat a lot of canned veggies such as beans and chickpeas, and we’ve also got a stash of ramen. Granola bars are a staple item as well. My mom and I really enjoy fresh produce and so we try to buy fruit and veg when we can go incorporate into our meals. And, now and then, we’ll treat ourselves to a meal out- veggie burgers are my go to food in that case.

Walking so much evey day had a strange effect on my appetite. I find that junk food and sweet drinks are MUCH more appetizing after a long day of walking (I’m not normally a soda drinker but wow, I love soda now!) 

   Ramen 2.0 feat. Avocados, peppers, and mushrooms

Lovely granola from my dad and stepmom! ❤  

 Cooking a pop tart over the fire… Did Ii mention I love junk food?

Anyway, if you have more questions about food or veganism, check out and feel free to email me at .

The passionate activists who are currently occupying Oak Flat also have to think about meal planning and getting food to all the occupiers. If you’d like to help them fund basic needs like food and camping supplies, you can donate here

Thank you as always and keep spreading the word about Oak Flat!



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