Month Two: New Route to Oak Flat

We’re one third of the way from Bainbridge Island to Oak Flat and have walked 500 miles. The first month we’ve crested the cross-country walker’s learning curve and now know how far and how fast we can travel taking turns walking and piloting our support car. We’ve also learned better ways to reach our audience and have a bigger impact on the Oak Flat issue. From our learning we’ve decided to make some changes to our route.

In order to reach more people and make it easier for our fellow Apache Stronghold supporters to join us, our walk will route along areas where we’ll meet more people along the way. We’ll continue to walk in our national forests and camp in national and state parks and we’ll walk the same distance daily – 15 to 24 miles – but when we reach a stretch of road where there are no towns, trails, or camping areas we’ll use our car to move to the next section of the trip. By staying in more populated areas we can talk to more people and use social media more frequently to try to broaden the base of Apache Stronghold supporters.

Our goal is to get the word out and build support for the San Carlos Apache tribe. The clock is ticking and right now the way we can all help is by pressuring Congress. We are doing all we can to make sure everyone from Washington to Arizona knows about this issue and knows what to do to stop Resolution Copper from turning one of our national treasures to rubble.


Without strong support from every state it’s too likely that Oak Flat will become another story of lost nature, wasted water, and cultural devastation for our First Nations people. Please join us today in reaching out to as many people as possible so that together our voice will be loud enough to carry loud and clear to Congress and the White House. And if you’ll be in Idaho, Utah, or Arizona this summer and would like to take a little walk to help save Oak Flat, contact us at and we’ll meet you on the way.

P.S. Today kicks off the Apache Stronghold caravan to get the word out east of Oak Flat. Safe travels, friends.

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