5 Things We Couldn’t Live Without 

hey there!

Today I thought I’d tell you a bit about our most beloved gear items- the things that get us through each day. Without these pieces of gear, we would be at a big disadvantage. So, drumroll….

Here are our FAVORITE pieces of gear:

1.  The Jetboil

I promise they didn’t pay me say this, but Jetboil is a lifesaver. This tiny thing can boil water in minutes, which means we get to enjoy hot tea or coffee and hot food, even when we’re in the middle of nowhere. Warm ramen is infinitely better than a cold, uncooked version. As my mom says “it’s fast, it works, and I can’t live without my coffee!” 


 Okay, this isn’t really gear, but it is an essential. Seriously, try walking 15-20 miles and then drink a nice cool iced tea or soda- there is nothing better. My personal favorite is Califia Farms iced espresso! And of course, ice water is pretty darn good too. Yum yum yum


 We walk through a lot of places with no cell phone service, so these are really a lifesaver. They reach up to ten miles, so we can stay in touch all day long.


 This may look like an ordinary bandana, buts it’s filled with cold-absorbing crystals. After soaking it in ice water, it keeps us cool for up to an hour. And on a hot day, this can make all the difference. 


Whoever is walking carries this handy pack with them. We keep it stocked with water, sunscreen, and safety devices (and sometimes a little snack.) 
Those are just a few of our favorite gear items. What is your favorite piece of outdoor gear?

Well, more news later!



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