It’s not only Oak Flat: Sacred Sites around the world are under threat.

Hi friends and supporters,

Emma here, writing to you in the middle of midterms week. Today I had a meeting at one of the student clubs I am a member of, Students for Renewable Energy, and we discussed yet another sacred site that could soon be effected by development and greed. Xwe’chi’eXen, more commonly known as Cherry Point, is a place where the Lummi people have fished for thousands of years. Despite a treaty that says they have rights to fish there, fossil fuel companies have for years been pushing to establish North America’s largest coal export terminal on this land. If these companies get their way, the bay could be exposed to coal or oil spills which would devestate marine ecosystems. Additionally, the transport of oil by rail creates the highly concerning issue of possible oil train explosions and the transport of coal could cause health issues in our communities.

Xwe’chi’eXen lies just a few miles north of Bellingham, Washington

In 2012, members of Lummi Nation protested the proposed coal terminal by lighting a large dummy million-dollar check on fire to symbolize their dedication to protecting their land, no matter how much money they were offered.

Sacred sites in other parts of the country are also under threat. From Mauna Kea in Hawaii to Oak Flat to Cherry Point, the status of Sacred places is threatened. As we continue to work in solidarity with the Apache people to protect Oak Flat, let us remember that this fight is tied with many others around the country and around the world. Let us also remember that there is strength in numbers- we are not alone in this struggle. Until Indigenous people everywhere have the right to their religious freedom and cultural heritage, our work is not done.

In solidarity,


One thought on “It’s not only Oak Flat: Sacred Sites around the world are under threat.

  1. I just don’t know how these threats are even possible if there is a,so called Nation to Nation understanding between the Tribes and the government of the United States.


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