emma’s Birthday Request


[Image: my mom Sally and I holding the moccosins that were gifted to us by the San Carlos Apache people. These mocs remain one of my most important possessions, and I am so grateful for this kind offering.]

Hi all!

emma here. As the end of May approaches I’ve increasingly been thinking about our walk. We left for Oak Flat on May 29, 2015– a date that is fast approaching. At this time last year we were finalizing our route, buying the last few supplies we needed, and saying goodbyes to our friends and family.

This time of year is also my birthday. Tomorrow, on May 23, I will be turning 20 years old. To celebrate my birthday I am gathering some friends today for a letter-writing party. Though I am in Washington state, anyone can join this party in spirit. It would mean a lot to me if at some point today you took a few minutes to take two actions for Oak Flat:

  1. Submit a comment to the Forest Service about Resolution Copper’s proposed mine. Check out the Arizona Mining Reform Coalition’s guide to what kinds of comments are most impactful. You can email, call, write, or submit a comment via an online form- all of which are available here.
  2. Write to your representative and senators asking them to co-sponsor and support the Save Oak Flat acts. These letters can be essentially the same, but with different bill numbers and different recipients. Everything you need to write a letter is available on our “How You Can Help” page, including a sample letter. If you are unable to write a letter you can also email your Congresspeople.

Thank you for helping me celebrate by taking a few minutes to complete these tasks! If you have any questions or need support don’t hesitate to contact us.

❤ emma


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